Who on Earth is behind this website?


I am Kyle Terrien, a troubleshooter specializing in Linux and Unix systems. I help people get to the root of their problems.

Anything with a cute penguin in it: Shell, Python, Perl, C, Lisp, Docker, LXD, QEMU, systemd, RPM, and Portage: I have touched them. Professionally, I have supported data center appliances that run backup software. In my free time, I help package things for Funtoo Linux and read all the philosophy I can handle.

I like learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others. That’s why the theme of this website is “home of many interesting things.” The end goal is to build a place with a wide variety of fascinating information.

Thanks to the Toastmasters, I’m not afraid to speak in front of a crowd either. In fact, I’m known to make them laugh!

I can be reached via several channels:

Personality information:

The correct pronunciation of my last name is TAIR-ee-uhn (emphasis on the first syllable). However, I respond to several different pronunciations.

The name “Terrien” is French in origin. Although I do not speak French, I am told by French speakers that it means “from the earth.”