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Funtoo Linux contributor

The open source project in which I am most involved is currently Funtoo Linux. I wrangle ebuilds, troubleshoot problems, provide support, and give new users friendly welcomes.

The community is great, and Daniel Robbins (the original creator of Gentoo Linux) heads the project. If you are looking for a source-based Linux distribution like Gentoo Linux but with less hassle, then check out Funtoo Linux.

Linux User Groups

I am an active member of the Orange County Linux User Group (OCLUG), which meets on the campus of California State University, Fullerton.

While it was active, I was a member of the LinuxCSUF student-led Linux User Group. The group no longer exists, but we still stay in touch via Slack. I also contribute to their wiki occasionally.

Desktop environment configuration (dotfiles)

If you use a computer professionally, before too long you have it obsessively configured just the way you want. This is a blessing and a curse, because now you have another problem to solve: how can you document your configuration and synchronize it across several machines?

Eventually, I might write a full bootstrap to configure my environment from scratch. Until then, here are my dotfiles.

My current “hacking” environment (as of 2019-10) consists of

In the not-so-distant past, I have used

If I am stuck on a Windows box, I find the following utilities helpful.

  • Cygwin with Emacs
  • tigervnc (for accessing a real Linux box with a graphical desktop)

Blueshell and other GTK themes

In the past, I dabbled in GTK theming. Old-school 90s themes are my favorites. My computer is a tool, not a billboard. In my opinion, it should not look like a Fisher Price toy.

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