Tyrants Can Destroy Your Body, But They Cannot Destroy Your Soul

Published: [2020-08-31 Mon]

I posted the following on LinkedIn to try to encourage those who have lost hope in the never-ending lockdown. I want to reprint it here for the archives.

Don’t give in to fear

Motivation for today: remember that tyrants can destroy your body, but they cannot destroy your soul.

I recently found out about the California governor's new plan "for reopening," which in actuality extends the COVID lockdown. To many of us in Orange County, California, this feels like a slap on the face because we met the governor's thresholds for reopening businesses, only to have the state governor raise the bar even higher.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone experiencing mental anguish over the situation: livelihood destroyed, pervasive loneliness, schools running dorms like prisons, etc.

I empathize with your anger and resentment about the situation. Metaphorically speaking, you have been flayed and donned with a crown of thorns. It's unjust, so remember that every cry raised to Heaven will be comforted, in this life or the next.

Until then, let the tyrants do their worst to your body. Just don't give them consent to destroy your soul.