Mozilla Firefox Hardening Guide (with uMatrix)

Published: 2020-06-01

Wow! Two years have passed since I posted. First of all, I want you to know that, like the old man from Monty Python and Holy Grail, I am not dead yet. I have a long way to go.

A lot has changed in the past two years, but I am still here, still a Linux geek and loving it!

Today’s announcement is a new knowledgebase article. Are you tired of the peek-a-boo world the modern web has become? Check out my new guide: Mozilla Firefox Hardening: uMatrix and Multi-Account Containers. (For those who want a printed copy, a PDF is also available.) In it, you will learn how to utilize two tools (uMatrix and Multi-Account Containers) to make your experience on the modern web a little less chaotic.

This also marks the end of my involvement with the Pale Moon project and advocacy thereof. Unfortunately, Pale Moon has a problematic pattern of verbally abusing volunteers who want to help them (including yours truly for suggesting packaging improvements).

I sincerely hope the Pale Moon project can correct that pattern, because I know their hearts are in the right place. Pale Moon is one of the few independent web browsers with the willpower to remain independent despite the rest of the world drifting toward Chromium. That in itself is something worth protecting. Until then, I wish them well.

Enjoy! And hopefully there will be more to come.

As always, I welcome your feedback. Contact me.